Today’s Dog Walk

I am owned by two dogs, WeeGee and Pixel. Pixel LOVES her walkies. On our daily walks, I usually try to talk photos in our neighborhood. Here are a few scenes from today. Enjoy!

Pixel, dog, canine, pet, companion, cocker spaniel, parti-color

This is Pixel, very happy to be out on her first walk of the day

Scrawled Filefish, fish, tidal canal, tropical

Scrawled Filefish in the tidal canal by our house

Iguana, tidal canal, invasive species

An iguana resting in a tree over the tidal canal. Doesn’t look too comfortable, does it?


A frog sign in a yard

A bee gathering pollen

A bee gathering pollen.


Monk Skipper

Avocados! Yum!

Avocados! Yum!

Green Heron

Green Heron